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Below is an outline of the different versions for you to choose from.

The CEA Online Portal (LMS) version

This is an online program with printable activity sheets. Here are some features of the online portal

Increases motivation and engagement with collectible badges of achievement that your child can earn throughout the program.

Enables you to celebrate your child’s wins, awarding of instant certificates when a program is marked complete.

Gives you the ability to skip between topics and subjects anywhere in the term so it is easier to tailor your child’s program to their needs.

The online portal allows you as a parent to more easily track your child’s progress and see quickly what activities they have completed and where they are with their term work.

With only 1/4 of the printing, the online portal more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Optional quizzes allow you to track your child’s progress to see how well they have understood and grasped the subject material, giving you more peace of mind.

The PDF downloadable version

The PDF version of the program has the following features.

The entire program and instructions are downloadable as one large PDF file

The entire program can be printed out

Please note that you need to select one or the other.

Additional information

LMS OR PDF Version Available

LMS Online Portal, PDF

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