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Complete Education Australia

We believe that learning is a natural and enjoyable activity, rather than simply an accumulation of knowledge. We understand that as children grow, their love of learning and awareness of their own gifts and talents should be enhanced by the educational activities they complete.

CEA offers an educational program that fully equips parents to provide their child with an exceptional homeschool education. Our program fosters, builds and enhances creativity, and imagination. These are highly valued skills needed for the Future. The program can be individualised to suit your child and our students have seen a 100% success rate in registrations.

Allow us to provide you with the confidence, that as parents, you’re giving your child the gift of an outstanding education and the foundation to succeed in their future.

Complete Registration Support

Take the stress and worry out of registration with the CEA. We offer complete registration support along with your purchase. You will receive all the documentation required to show individualisation for your child’s needs, along with Curriculum alignment to the State you’re in. We are proud to offer a 100% money back guarantee that use of the CEA program and Registration Resources will meet all Education Requirements as part of your Homeschooling registration.

Value for Money and Support

Affordability and access to education is vital to us at Complete Education Australia, with that in mind, it’s our pleasure to announce that you’ll receive FREE subscriptions to Mathletics, Literacy Planet and Skwirk alongside your CEA purchase.

Each Term contains 10 weeks of learning and CEA provides 12 weeks of Subscription access, allowing your child to work at their own pace.

You don’t need to know everything. We offer unlimited parental support, covering everything from registration, right through to individual lesson support.

Homeschool Curriculum

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Catrina King

Dear CEA,
We came to you after a very rough time with mainstream education. I have 3 beautiful children that are on the ASD spectrum.
The progress my kids have made in the first 3 weeks has been astounding. They are all happy and the spark for learning has now been turned into a roaring blaze.
The material is set up simplistically and the instructions are in an easy to follow format. The actual work is very fun and engaging and the kids love all the subjects.
Thank you CEA,
From the King Family

Tammy Wallis

Dear Ellen and staff,
I have debated over and over the right words to say to you over how happy I am with your program. Nothing I can say can express how grateful I am to you for all the effort that has gone into creating such a complete all round program. After removing my children from the school system part way through the year to homeschool, I was overwhelmed, stressed and did not know where to begin. Being able to turn to your program, in it’s week by week lesson format, complete with worksheets, youtube links, creative hands on ideas that I could just never think up or have the time to scour the internet for has been invaluable to me and has brought the joy back to learning for my children and given me the confidence that I can facilitate my childrens learning. I know that it is in line with the Education Department and that I am ticking the boxes. I just can’t thank you enough.
Kind regards Tammy Wallis mum to Akira and Ahliyah Flatman

Catherine Woodbine

I had my AP appointment yesterday for Registration to Homeschool. I had the CEA Programm on the table & also some of the work Jack had done so she could see how well he was doing.

As soon as I told her I was using CEA programme, She approved me straight away.

Thank you so much for making it so easy and also providing a program that my son can actually learn from.


Peter Connor – Facebook

Best and easiest program. Son with Asd, ADHD, odd, he’s doing his work late at night, but at least he’s doing it.

Tracy N Lima Laulau – Facebook

We’ve been using this program for about two years and love it. It’s self paced and covers all subjects. My kids enjoy it! We belong to a homeschool community learning group that provides science, hpe, drama etc so on the terms we cover those subjects we pick and choose whether we want to complete them with the program, so it’s also very flexible. I have 2 children with learning disabilities so we purchase the grade level suitable for them.

Aliesha Towers – Facebook

Thank you complete education you are fantastic love the work and how your always there for support highly recommend.

Danny Eustace

Thanks Amanda we will definitely be continuing with the programme as our kids have never been happier and we are impressed with the standard of education our kids are receiving.

Regards Danny

Austin Prince

Easy to follow and use. Makes homeschooling much easier for our family.

Those were my original words after the first week of the first term we had got for our son.

This is a follow up to our first testimonial. We have now purchased Grades 1 and 2 over the past two years. Having this program has made our life easier and the process much more enjoyable for everyone involved. We look forward to continuing with Complete Education Australia in the coming years ahead. I have recommended this program to our homeschool friends and family. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who may be interested.

Kind Regards,

A Prince.

Andy & Tanya Filak

We always knew we’d homeschool our daughter right from the start, so I began experimenting with various styles with her from a young age. The amount of time & effort required to source information was daunting to say the least! I honestly thought that teachers received a guide book to tell them what to teach & when to teach it so you can imagine my dismay when I discovered this was not the case. I fumbled my way through until finally I came across exactly what I had been searching for; Complete Education Australia. This comprehensive program has been such a relief to find, it truly was my EUREKA moment! Now I can get on with the pleasure of homeschooling my child, confident in the fact that all her educational needs are being catered for within the Australian Curriculum. I don’t feel alone anymore & love the invaluable support that Amanda & Ellen provide. I thoroughly recommend the Complete Education Australia program to everyone.

Kind Regards,

Andy & Tanya Filak

Lisa and Grant H, NSW

“This program is very simple to implement and we are thoroughly enjoying the learning process. Our sons are always eager to get into what each day holds.”

Tan Smith – Facebook

Super helpful people at CEA!!

Natalie Kosseris – Facebook

I love your curriculum!

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