Homeschooling while travelling

We have a large number of families using CEA as they travel all over the world. You can rest assured that your child will cover the full curriculum but also have the flexibility that travelling requires.
When you purchase the CEA program, we provide all the documentation needed to show how and when you will cover the full curriculum throughout the year. These Scope and Sequence Documents include all the curriculum outcome codes required. You can simply attach the Scope and Sequences that we provide, as your full year learning plan for every subject. You do not have to write your own.
We do advise that you take some time per subject and fill in an individualisation template. We also provided that with your Scope and Sequences and include a filled in example.
This is just a place to write a few sentences to show how your child will relate to each subject. You can include how they feel about the subject, how they went in the past in that subject, or any excursions you may do that relate to the subject. This will ensure the program is specific to your child.
With over 2500 registered students and a 100% success rate for registration, we support you every step of the way and make the process simple.

Registration Checklist:
Checklist of what to attach to your application:
You can print and attach the following if submitting a hard copy application:
Scope and Sequences (In Scope and Sequence Link)
Parent Assessment Checklists (In Scope and Sequence Link)
Parent Pages (Found at the end of Program link)
Weekly Planner (provided with welcome letter)

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