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CEA can help make your homeschooling registration and reporting in Victoria simple and stress free.

As in all States, homeschoolers in Victoria need to register with the Department of Education from ages 6 to 17 or a child who turns 6 during the year home schooling will commence,

To begin the registration process, download and fill in your application for registration form from the VRQA

The CEA program includes all the topics the Department requires: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Science – Includes: history, geography, politics and civics, The Arts – Includes: visual arts, dancing and music), Health and Physical Education, Technologies, Languages

When using CEA we will provide you with full year documentation to include as your full year learning plans, which show when and how you will cover the Australian curriculum in every subject. We also provide you with the templates and information about how to tailor the program to fit your individual child’s needs. It is important to show how the program will be adapted. We are very happy to help with this process. 

If your child has special needs you can also apply for exemptions of some subjects. Assessors will consider your child’s special needs on application. We can also tailor and adapt the CEA program by providing different Grade levels for subjects that need extra support or extension.

For Victorian families, we assist you to prepare your application with all the documentation and support you need. We also provide a simple and effective way of reporting that shows excellence in your child’s education.

Disclaimer: This advice has come from our years of our experience from successfully helping over 3500 students all over Australia, with the home education registration process – For clarification of any aspects, please call the Department of Education in Victoria.

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