Homeschooling in Tasmania

CEA can help make your homeschooling registration in Tasmania simple. Registration in Tasmania is through the Office of the Education Registrar.

As in all States, homeschoolers in Tasmania need to register children between the ages of 5 to 17. If you find you need to register quickly, just let the office know and they will ensure you are supported and organised swiftly. You must have your Home Educaiton Summary and Program (HESP)  in place at the time you apply and once you are granted provisional registration you then have at least 4 -6 weeks to start home educating before your program is assessed..

To begin the registration process, download the Homeschooling Registration Application from the following website:

When using CEA we will provide you with full year documentation to include as your Range of Learning Areas, which show when and how you will cover the Australian curriculum if you choose to. We also provide you with the templates and information about how to tailor the program to fit your individual child’s needs. It is important to show how the program will be adapted. We are very happy to help with this process.

For Tasmanian students, we assist you to prepare your Home Education Summary and Program as it requires specific documentation. A template and guide can be downloaded from the following link:

The CEA program team will help you include all the topics required: Diverse Learning Needs, Research, Pedagogy, Literacy, Numeracy, Range of Learning Area, Well -being, Interpersonal Skills, Future Directions, Evaluation.

Disclaimer: This advice has come from our years of our experience from successfully helping over 3,500 students all over Australia, with the home education registration process – For clarification of any aspects, please call the Office of Registration Registrar.

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