December Newsletter

December Newsletter:

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Welcome to all the CEA families. Can you believe it is December!!!! We have so many new families who have joined us in preparation for 2019. We want to warmly welcome you all and trust you will be feeling excited about the year ahead. Please be encouraged to send in newsletter items. We are always keen to get parent participation. Recipes your children love, ideas that other parents may find helpful, or photos of the creations your children have come up with. Sharing the highs and lows with each other helps to cement us as a community of learners.

We are working flat out in the office in preparation for 2019 with every program going through the editing process to ensure all links and lessons are current and up to date. Please note we will be taking a break over the Christmas period with the office closed between the 21st Dec to the 8th Jan.

We also have our senior students moving into Grade 9 with us, which is fantastic. The Senior Grades 9 and 10 programs are so innovative, as we enable students to secure not just a great educational base, but fantastic opportunities to gain various certificates in many areas, and to build a wonderful resume. More on that in the senior information later.

NSW families: If you are wanting your Scope and Sequence documents with the NSW curriculum codes included, please email us and let us know. We can send them out to you immediately. NSW is the only State that requires this and we want to ensure you have all you need for registration.

Some families may have noticed that the Babbel Language program elective has gone up in price. This price rise comes as a result of Babbel increasing their commercial pricing. Please be advised that we don’t make on the Babbel program, but supply it with our own Scope and Sequence and Assessment documents, simply to provide the option to our students, at a reduced price to that available online.
Purchasing via CEA still considerably cheaper. That being said, if families ever receive a special offering from Babbel, we encourage that you take this up. If desired the Langauge Scope and Sequence material can always be purchased for $15.

CEA staff wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Christmas holiday, and eagerly await an exciting 2019 learning journey together.

Dates you may want to highlight:

Each Month we include various activities that are happening, nationally. We do this to allow you to choose if any of the events are things you may want to participate in as a family. There are so many fun activities coming up. Some need preparation, others you can just join in. Look ahead and see if any events are right for your family. This month the list of formal national events is quite small. This is due to the various family Christmas events that are scattered right through the month of December.

3rd Dec – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Organisation: United Nations
Australia celebrates the International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) every year on 3rd December to acknowledge the valuable contribution people of all abilities make to our community.

National/State: International

Phone: 1800 440 385 (TTY users please phone 1800 555 677 and ask for
1800 440 385)

10th Dec – Human Rights Day

Organisation: United Nations
A day to celebrate the basic rights of all humans, and to remember that many people still have to fight for their human rights.

National/State: International

11th Dec- International Mountain Day

Organisation: United Nations
International Mountain Day is an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world’s mountains and highlands

National/State: International


You may like to choose a mountain for your family to Hike up and have a picnic. A wonderful way to celebrate International Mountain Day. Why not take a photo and create a Mountain Day scrapbook by hiking a different mountain every year to add to the scrapbook.

Senior Information – Grades 9 & 10

With many families already joined up for Grade 9, 2019, the anticipation is building. The Grade 9 program will be officially released this month. It will contain all the core subjects provided in the format that CEA has developed, but will also contain a large number of certificate courses for electives. We strive to provide the CEA students with as much choice as possible when it comes to electives. These senior years are the ideal time for students to explore a range of areas they are interested in. All electives provide insight into careers they may choose to pursue. Alternatively, the elective may allow them to discard career ideas they no longer feel drawn to. With a high percentage of students completing mainstream school without direction or a strong sense of their own gifts and talents, CEA is making it a priority. Students will not only have a broad range of elective opportunities but also 8 work placements over the course of the two years. Spending time participating in the workplace allows students to get a real feel for potential careers, not to mention great resume references and often job opportunities.

When completing Grade 10 with CEA, the students are not just given a wave and sent on their way. We are dedicated to take that next step and provide pathways. If your child decides to go on into Higher Education, TAFE, College or University, we will have the steps needed to get there. If your child wants to get into an apprenticeship or internship, we have the connections needed to move in that direction. If work is the next step, we have that covered too, and with a resume packed full of relevant certificates, and work placement references, stepping into work will be straightforward.
An email will be sent to all the Grade 9 families with important dates for registration for various elective certificate courses.
We are eagerly awaiting a fantastic year ahead for the CEA Senior students.

CEA Student Explorers

Whether you are exploring the Panama Canal (yes there is a CEA family sailing there), the Nullarbor Plain (yes, other families visiting there), or exploring the local river at home, all CEA students are busy explorers, and we love to hear from them.

This month we have been sent some photos of Tom Burke on an amazing adventure to an art excursion to Malaga Spain visiting Picasso’s hometown (till 10 years old) and museum of his works. Looks like you are learning soooo much Tom!

Gallery of Creative CEA students

With so many enthusiastic, engaged, creative learners in CEA, we are always thrilled to get a snapshot of the many achievements they have conquered. All our featured students will receive a prize for sharing their accomplishments.

The busy Green family have sent in some photos of the fantastic things they have been working on this Term. Who could resist these Australia biscuits? The rainbow fish are delightful, and it seems all three children have enjoyed creating their own version. Wonderful learning Green family!

he Benitez family have been having a huge amount of fun with their learning.

Isabel Benitez in Grade 5 has created these hometown famous early Australians. It is clear you have put a huge amount of time and effort into these Isabel.

Juliette Benitez in Grade 1 has created a sensational Anthony Warhol inspired painting. What wonderful colours you have used Juliette.

Natalia Benítez Year 6 English island cupcakes. Simply scrumptious! These cupcakes hometown into the Novel she is reading in Grade 6. Super job Natalia!

Congratulations Ebony Tripolitano, Grade 7 for an outstanding artwork. Your effort and patience is evident to all who look at it.

“Today I completed the leaf artwork from Week 6. It was really fun to make. I didn’t have any water-colour pencils so I shaded lighter and lighter with the pencils I had. Thanks for a really fun art lesson!
Below is a picture of my leaf artwork.
Also, I am really enjoying the entire program.
Thanks so much!” Ebony.

Homeschool Thoughts

2018 CEA Families: As you wrap up the Term and are no doubt looking forward to a break, take the time to pause and give yourself a pat on the back. Look around at the various creations that cover your walls, fridge and desk, and reflect on the varied and fascinating learning you have provided to your children this year. Most mainstream children have promptly forgotten what they learnt this year, yet your children will no doubt be sharing all they have discovered to anyone who will listen. Great work parents on providing your children with a truly memorable education. They will thank you for it in years to come!

Remember to be flexible and adjust when needs change. Life changes, people change, situations change. Feel free to adjust and allow for the circumstances of “real life” to enhance and not hinder your home education plan.
Be flexible. Don’t get locked into doing things only one way, especially since that one way might not work out. Your family is unique, so your homeschooling will also be unique. Don’t worry if your homeschool doesn’t look exactly like some other family’s

Get organised. Decide when, where, and how you will homeschool. A certain amount of routine and orderliness (within reason) will help you to accomplish your goals. For example, your day might begin with chores, a quiet reading time and “formal” school work. After lunch might be the best time for hands-on activities, projects and classes or activities outside of the home. In the evening, you might plan to have your family read-aloud time. Every family is different. During the first few weeks, you will find what is most comfortable and workable for you.

When you feel discouraged (and we all do at times), be sure to share it with other homeschoolers. More than likely someone else has experienced the very thing you are feeling discouraged about. Remember we are always here to provide support if needed. Take time for yourself, or take time out of the regular routine to do something special with the kids. Most important: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! Take time to reflect back over the past weeks or months, and remember all that has been accomplished. You may be pleasantly surprised!

T he FutureNo matter who you are, the biggest concern for a homeschooling parent is, “Will my child be prepared for the future”. At CEA we make this our number one priority. We are dedicated to ensuring our students are equipped to move into any field they are drawn to. In fact, we take it one step further, we actually take the steps out of school and into further study or work, with your family. By providing pathway programs into Higher Education, apprentices or work placement, CEA ensures your child is completely supported and prepared for the next step.

December Kid Friendly Recipe:

30 g Devondale Dairy Soft Butter
1 tbs olive oil
2 leeks (washed, sliced)
scrapbook tbs plain flour
1 cup Devondale milk
1 cup Devondale cream
1/2 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup corn kernels
1 cup cooked chicken (chopped)
1 1/2 cups Devondale Smooth Mild All Rounder Cheese (grated)
6 sheet shortcrust pastry
1 egg (beaten)

Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C fan-forced). Line an oven tray with baking paper.
Melt Devondale Dairy Soft with oil in a large frypan over gentle heat. Add leeks and cook for 8 minutes until soft.
Add flour and cook, stirring for 1 minute. Pour in milk and cream, stir well and allow it to simmer for 3 minutes, or until thick. Add corn, peas and chicken and stir into sauce. Remove pan from heat and stir through grated cheese. Allow to cool completely.
Cut each pastry sheet into 4 circles with approx. 12cm diameter. Holding a circle in your hand, brush edges with beaten egg. Spoon in about 1/3 cup of filling and press edges together. Place upright on baking paper and crimp edges with fingertips. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
Brush the tops of the parcels with remaining egg. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden.

Make ahead of time and freeze parcels in a single layer. Increase cooking time if baking straight from the freezer.
Puff pastry also works well in this recipe.

A Bit of Fun – Ideas

Here are a few craft ideas that you may like to try over the Christmas break.

Leaf Creatures

Go on a leaf hunt to find as many different types of leaves as possible. Turn them into art with a bit of glue and paint.

Funny Face Flip Book

– White paper
– Cardboard
– 3 metal book/key/curtain rings
– Hole punch
– Markers
– Scissors
– Glasses stickers or googly eyes (optional)

1. Cut your white paper into quarters. Do this by cutting a sheet in half and then both of those pieces in half again. Now cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as your paper pieces.

2. Cut each of your white paper pieces into thirds.

3. Punch a hole in one end of each of your pieces with your hole punch. Then, lay three pieces onto your cardboard so you can punch a coordinating hole into the cardboard for each of the pieces. Attach all of your paper pieces to your cardboard backing with your metal book/key rings.

Tree Silhouettes

You will need white paper, coloured paper, scissors and glue.
Begin by cutting out a tree trunk from white paper. You may like to draw an outline prior to cutting. Glue it onto your coloured paper.

Use various round shapes to trace around. Cut out your round pieces of paper. Fold each one into quarters. Cut pieces out of the folded circle. Open the circle to reveal the pattern. Glue it to your tree. The more experienced you are at cutting, the finer the detail you will be able to create. You may want try and to fold your circle into 8ths.

Troubleshooting – Click Here
This section will be included every Month to ensure you can access the information if needed.

To all our CEA families we trust that December will be a fantastic month for you all. We look forward to sharing some fascinating learning this Month and welcoming you back for 2019!

Don’t forget to send in photos and videos of your learning adventures so we can share them with other CEA families.

CEA Team


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