Grade 9

Grade 9 will provide your child with not only a great educational base, but also the tools and connections to move into their next chapter with confidence.
Unlike mainstream schools, CEA will become a connection with work opportunities, apprenticeships, traineeships and pathways into university, for your child.
This year your child will complete the required core subjects and a number of electives.

Core Subjects:

  • Maths – Choice of: Advanced, Standard, Life Skills Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education
  • Innovative Career Development Program (Launch Pad)


With 140 electives offered, specifically sourced from various providers all over
the world, you can be sure they are top quality programs. This allows us to offer
a huge selection, never before provided to Grade 9 and 10 students. The purpose
of these programs is to give students the chance to delve into a variety of areas
that interest them, giving them the opportunity to discover where their interests,
passions and abilities are best channelled.

These are not accredited courses but show potential employers or institutions
an aptitude and prior learning in specific areas.
Please let us know if you are in NSW so we can send through the NSW Aligned
documents. No other States require this.

If we don’t have something in an area of interest, let us know and we will attempt to source a course and provide documentation for it.
We supply the Scope and Sequence documentation to show which areas of the curriculum are being covered, and a Certificate or Diploma from CEA, recognised as a leader in Australian Home Education.

Elective List

Work Experience (Optional):
Each Term your child will participate in Work Experience. Information on how to source work experience is provided. This will allow you to select and organise the work experience opportunities for your child.
The 8 work references gained while moving through Grade 9 and 10, and the Certificates and Diplomas gained, will create an excellent Launchpad from which your child can move into work, or higher learning.

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