Grade 8

Grade 8 is a fantastic year filled with many opportunities for the student to develop their individual skills and interests. As well as covering all of the curriculum requirements, with their blossoming maturity they will have the chance to make choices on the ways they demonstrate their learning and also topics they are personally interested in. The skills of critical thinking and problem solving will be a focus of Terms 3 and 4. This will prepare the student to dive into the development of personal research projects, inventions, and creations that are a feature of Grade 9 and 10. The Grade 8 program will equip each student with a real love of learning that will only grow as they move through High School.

English: This year the students will be focussing on some life changing Novels. Each Novel has been carefully chosen to build character to allow students to be uplifted and to provide literature that is uplifting. As they study each Novel for a Term, it is vital to CEA that those Novels provide great building blocks in the students own life. The Grade 8 program allows them to respond to what they are reading, in practical ways. They will show their understanding through comprehension activities, and reflect on the plot, characters and themes through creative projects like making posters, theme songs, T-shirts with character profiles and many more engaging activities.

Mathematics: Grade 8 maths is a hands-on continuation of maths principles the students have discovered in the younger grades. The focus is on presenting each topic in a relevant, enjoyable and meaningful way. With the addition of the multi-grade, online program, Mathletics, students can not only work on the Grade 8 program but extend themselves or catch up on any maths aspects they need revision on. Maths is best taught as an exciting opportunity to learn more about our world.

Science: Our Grade 8 program features experiments, individual research projects and many new ways to use the knowledge gained during lessons. We cover the Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences, throughout the year; topics such as Cells, Energy transfer and Chemistry Compounds. By Grade 8 they are busy developing their own experiments and methods of recording. CEA makes Science come to life!

HASS: History: This year major studies in The Vikings, Japan Shoguns and the Spanish Conquests, students will discover the fascinating aspects of history. The information they learn will be used in relevant, creative ways that encourage active input into their own uncovering of history.

Geography – Term 2 & 4: Research and understanding of the continent of Landforms and Changing Nations is part of the geography journey that Complete Education Australia facilitates. Learning about culture, climate, tourism, resources and trade, and how the geography of various countries impact these issues. The Grade 8 Geography program allows the student to have a greater understanding of our countries’ relationship with others.
Economics and Business – Terms 1 & 3: Students will not only have the chance to learn business principles but also to put them to use in practical ways. This allows them to experience the reality of each step in the process. They learn to interpret results, budget, make changes based on investigation and many other valuable lessons. Learning about real world money issues is vital as they begin looking at their own futures.

Civics & Citizenship – Terms 1 & 3: Learning about the way the Government and the legal system work are vital to being an informed citizen. In this subject we will examine diversity, country identity, laws and democracy. A good grounding in the way our country operates, allows students to grow into well informed adults.

Health: Grade 8 health involves investigating strategies to manage their own personal, physical and social changes that occur during this time of their lives. Opening up family discussions on issues that are important enable the student to make wise choices now and into their future.

PDHPE: The student is given the chance to develop their own fitness log, and learn how to adjust exercise to gain the best advantage. Many skills are refined and students are also encouraged to decide to work on their own personal fitness activities and goals. The inclusion of personal fitness activities outside of the CEA program is acknowledged and valued.

The Arts (Drama, Music, Visual Arts): All aspects of the arts are covered in Grade 8 Visual arts is the focus and this is joined by dance, media arts, drama and music, throughout the year. The subject provides great ideas and opportunities to discover and develop their creativity in many areas. By examining artists of many kinds the student is encouraged to develop their own styles. Producing artworks that others can enjoy and share is a focus of Grade 8 art.

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