Grade 5

Grade 5 is an exciting time as students’ personal gifts and talents begin to become obvious. The opportunity for personal reflection and development of individual responses to learning become vital. Encouraging students to try various activities without the fear of failure is the key to providing an environment rich for growth. When a child is free to express ideas, develop solutions and create, the potential is limitless.

English: Grade 5 presents the students with fascinating novels. Through the reading and examination of novels, the students become fascinated by many parts of the English language. Learning about imagery, structure and story plot becomes relevant and meaningful in this context. The student becomes invested in the creation of their own Literature display, presentation and various other creative activities. The inclusion of Language, writing and spelling words provides a whole learning environment, where each skill is used in a purposeful way.

Mathematics: Grade 5 math is a hands-on continuation of math principles the students have learnt in the younger grades. The focus is on presenting each topic in an enjoyable, meaningful way. With the addition of the multi-grade, online program, Mathletics, students can not only work on the Grade 5 program but extend themselves or catch up on any math aspects they feel they need to revise.

Science: Our Grade 5 science program, as in all Grades, features Earth and Space Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. The students are given a base for their learning and then encouraged through directed lessons to seek out resources to answer questions on the various aspects of science. Through the addition of weekly hands-on activities, the student develops, not only an understanding of the concepts, but also a love of discovery.

HASS: Geography/ History: Research and understanding of the continent of North America and Europe is part of the journey that Complete Education Australia facilitates. After discovering and learning about the various continents in Grade 3, students enjoy the in-depth look at North America and Europe. Comparing and contrasting the geography, landscape, resources and natural features of this continent with Australia, broadens the awareness of the planet we live in, while allowing the learning to be meaningful and relevant.

PDHPE: In health, the students have the opportunity to create amazing hands-on demonstrations of various parts of the human body. A great understanding of the role of the body systems allows students to grasp the reason for making healthy choices. PE lessons are a time of great enjoyment, and allow the student to do some fun, structured exercise.

Art (Drama, Music and Visual Arts): An exciting variety of art opportunities are presented in Grade 5. Through various art methods, students can experiment and develop their own style of artwork. By analysing artists’ work, both contemporary and classic, students gain valuable insight into what art is, and can inspire new ideas for their own artwork.

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