Grade 4

Grade 4 is a time of increased fascination with the world. As children become able to access answers to their own questions, they begin to develop a deeper sense of curiosity. Encouraging students to find information and decide on their own interpretation of it, is fundamental in allowing a student to develop the tools they need to excel, no matter what area they are drawn towards.

English: Grade 4 is an exciting time in English. The students become enthralled by the Term novel, through reflecting on specific parts of the novel, role-plays, and various other creative opportunities. Students explore the talent of the author, learn to construct text, and develop their individual opinions. Within this context, many different aspects of the English language are being examined, with meaning.

Mathematics: Using the many math strategies they have learnt, Grade 4 is a time for finding math valuable for solving all kinds of real world problems. Maps, data collection and financial transactions become intriguing, relevant problems to be conquered. Activities designed to give math purpose and enjoyment, are a key part of the Complete Education Australia program. The addition of a great quality online program Mathletics, allows each student to work at their own individual level.

Science: Our science program provides fascinating opportunities for your child to pose questions, predict outcomes and conduct investigations. Hands-on investigations of the properties of various materials promotes a love of learning and an inquiring mind. Each week, students work through investigations to come up with a solution to a problem. Learning based on problem-solving is invaluable.

History/ Geography: Research and understanding of the various continents is part of the journey that Complete Education Australia facilitates. After discovering and learning about the various continents in Grade 3, students enjoy the in-depth look at specific continents like Africa. Comparing and contrasting the geography, landscape, resources and natural features of places with Australia, broadens the awareness of the planet we live in, while allowing the learning to be meaningful and relevant.

PDHPE: In health, the activities focus on allowing the student to discover choices that keep them healthy. Through examining food packaging information and nutrition, children become more aware of the choices we can make that are positive for their health.

Art: An exciting variety of Art opportunities are presented in Grade 4. Through various art methods, students can experiment and develop their own style of artwork. The analysing of artists’ work, both contemporary and classic, give students valuable insight into what art is and how they can produce work they enjoy.

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