Grade 3

Grade 3 is an exciting time for learners. With the confidence and enthusiasm that a good grasp on reading brings, your child will flourish with the vast amount of experiences that our program offers them. By empowering your child to develop a desire to question, invent and solve problems, they will naturally approach new learning with enthusiasm.

English: Grade 3 students spend time exploring ideas and information to develop and create their own texts. They further enhance their love of reading and have the opportunity to explore a variety of authors’ works.

Mathematics: Using the many math strategies they have learnt, Grade 3 is a time for finding math valuable for solving all kinds of real world problems. Maps, data collection and financial transactions become intriguing, relevant problems to be conquered.

Science: Our science program provides fascinating opportunities for your child to pose questions, predict outcomes and conduct investigations. Hands-on investigations of changes in solids and liquids, the production and movement of heat and other physical sciences, promote a love of learning and an enquiring mind.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Research and understanding of the Aboriginal history of the local area is fascinating and important in gaining a good grasp of the past. Discovering the relevance of national days, symbols and emblems allows a more informed enjoyment of their country. Grade 3 also provides learning about Australia’s neighbouring countries and their diverse characteristics.

PDHPE: Decision-making and problem-solving skills are investigated while discovering healthy and safe choices.

The Arts (Drama, Music and Visual Arts): An exciting variety of Arts opportunities are presented in Grade 3. Painting, drawing and pottery are just some of the visual art methods that are explored, while encouraging creativity and individuality in their work. The addition of Drama and Music activities, and all they have to offer, provide a great grounding in the Arts.

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