Grade 2

Grade 2 is a wonderful time of emerging independence in learning. Our program goal from Foundation to year 10 is for the child to feel empowered in their own learning. All activities are written with instructions for students to follow themselves. The addition of parent instructions helps with preparation information. The learning opportunities presented in Grade 2 are designed to encourage your child to continue to feel enthusiastic about their learning. We firmly believe that learning is a natural and enjoyable activity and as children grow, their love of learning and awareness of their own gifts and talents should be enhanced by educational activities.

English: Author and novel studies, allow your child to begin to develop a taste for their favourite type of literature and authors whose work they recognise and enjoy. Their ability to read independently is enhanced by activities promoting understanding of the English language.

Mathematics: As always, mathematics instruction is full of hands-on investigations and real world context for their learning. Mathematics, when presented well, should always be a fascinating and exciting subject.

Science: This year’s science activities include undertaking experiments to discover the changes in materials and objects under various conditions. The importance of science used in people’s daily lives is investigated. Developing an enquiring mind is a focus of our science program.

Humanities and Social Sciences: In-depth research into a significant person or site in the local community allows your child to pose questions about the past and use various sources to answer their own questions. These skills are essential for an enquiring mind. Grade 2 will also begin to explore the major geographical divisions in the world, a fascinating way to encourage the desire for further learning.

PDHPE: Discussing and exploring identity and the positive ways we can interact with others, gives your child valuable tools to develop their impact on others around them.

The Arts: A carefully designed arts program (Drama, Music and Visual Arts) is included to ensure that your child has the opportunity to produce artworks using various methods and materials. Investigating the art of famous artists demonstrates new ideas and opens the eyes to new possibilities.

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