Grade 1

Grade 1 children are growing in confidence and eager to take on challenging tasks. We believe it is vital that desire is met with exciting, open-ended learning experiences that further enhance their desire to learn. Building on the child’s expanding imagination is the focus of our Grade 1 program.

English: Through the continued learning of single sounds, double-letter sounds and sight-words, your child’s ability to enjoy the thrill of reading will increase. By carefully combining this directed sound and word learning, with the sharing of brilliant literature, children never lose sight of the joy that reading brings.

Mathematics: Games, challenges and discovering with numbers are all part of the mathematics fun. Learning mathematics by actually using the new concepts is designed to continue to show the relevance it has in our lives.

Science: Grade 1 science is full of excitement. Experiments with the 5 senses, investigating and building animal habitats, making predictions and observations about investigations, are some of what Grade 1 will be doing. The program is designed to have your child continue to enjoy the thrill of discovery.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Exploring subjects such as how daily life has changed, significant family events and the man-made or natural environmental local features, builds a child’s understanding of their own significance.

PDHPE: The study of Physical Development, Health and Physical Education in Grade 1 focuses on embracing cultural diversity, understanding personal emotional reactions and examining media messages relating to health.

The Arts (Drama, Music and Visual Arts): The exploration of each area of creative Arts provides a foundation for the creation of various artworks. The student not only learns to use new techniques in their work but also gains an insight about where these methods were developed.

Embracing the fact that children blossom within a creative environment, our CEA learning style uses creative arts as a natural method used in the teaching of ALL subject areas including English, Math and Science. Complete Education Australia allows you as a parent to know, without a doubt, that you are giving your child the gift of an outstanding education.

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