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The Complete Education Australia (CEA) program covers the entire Australian Curriculum and sets work samples that will fully satisfy all the requirements for homeschool registration.The CEA Program follows the Australian Curriculum with Grade levels available through our online services covering Clever Kids, Foundation, and Grade 1 through to Grade 10. We base our hands on, teaching content upon the guidelines required by the Department of Education. Subjects taught throughout the differing grades include English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, History, Geography, Economics/business, Arts, Technology, Health and PE and Languages, increasing in difficulty as students advance through school grades.

A unique and key point of difference between our homeschooling program and regular schooling is that start and end dates are completely flexible. New students can start any grade, during any term, any day throughout the year, meaning this form of learning does not have to follow the strict term dates of regular schools. As well as this, daily timetables are made to suit you and your child’s needs. This can allow for extra time for your child to take part in extracurricular activities, important for their personal and social development.

In regards to guidance, within our team we have fully qualified teachers ready to assist you and your child with any queries and for extra help. Our teachers are here as support throughout your child’s entire homeschooling journey. These teachers will become a valuable asset, providing the parent with support, something that is not possible within a regular school environment.

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