CEA Online Portal Explained PLUS our Most Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started, where can I find the term lessons and how do I login?

The FULL term of lessons are provided on your child’s CEA Portal account. You will receive your logins to each child’s individual email address that you entered at the time of checkout. These are sent within 1 business day of purchase. If you haven’t received these login details just double check your spam or trash folder, just in case they have found their way in there. You will also find all the assessments and the answer pages once you have logged in.

What is the new online learning portal?

The new LMS portal is the same great CEA learning program, with some added improvements to make your learning journey a little bit easier. There will be different badges and certificate achievements to earn as the student completes each section to celebrate wins and build motivation.

Maintaining a hands-on approach to learning has always been very important to us at Complete Education, so we have incorporated this into the online portal and also added engaging ways for students to be able to track their progress and celebrate wins.

Where do I find the activity sheets to print out?

Some lessons have activity sheets that need to be completed. These can be found in the “Getting Started” section of the CEA portal.

What if I need my child to work from printed PDFs?

Do you need the PDF’s instead? We still have a pdf version for those who prefer not to use the portal. Please email us if you require the PDF instead of the online portal and we will happily send these to you and cancel your online portal logins.


Watch the video on how to get started


How do I get started?

Once logged in the student will find their term program and subject activities that they can work through.

How do I start the subject lessons?

Once you have completed the “Getting Started” section, you will automatically be taken through to the week 1 subject lessons. When you click into each lesson, you will see the lesson and what is required.

Is everything done online when working from the CEA online portal?

Even though the program and instructions are now online, many of the activities and learning experiences are experiential, creating things with their hands and learning by doing. You will also find a whole set of activity sheets for you to print out. So you do not have to worry that they will be sitting behind a screen all day.

How do I get the logins for Mathletics, Literacy Planet and Skwirk?

You will receive these logins separately to your CEA program portal logins. Once you have let us know you want to start, we will send you through the logins for these additional learning resources.

Where do I find the answers?

You can find the answers in the “Getting Started” section of the online portal.

How do I track their progress and celebrate wins?
Another little thing that we’ve done with the CEA online portal is to build in recognition and celebration of your child’s progress. As a student comes to the end of a subject or to a new subject, they’ll see a ‘Mark Complete’ button.

There will be different badge achievements to earn as the student completes each section to celebrate wins and build motivation.

Do we need to do the lessons in the order they are in?

You have complete flexibility for when and how students complete the lessons in the online portal. We found from many families that everyone has a slightly different way that they want to schedule in the actual learning.

For example, if one family just wanted to focus on English for a full day, they’re able to simply select just the English lessons on the left-hand side of the portal. There is full flexibility so you can do that in any way shape or form that you like.

Are there any quizzes or tests?

We have had requests for this, so you’ll see options for 20-question quizzes. They are optional and self-marking and the student will be able to see their results and work through what they got right and what they got wrong. They can redo these quizzes as many times as they like. It is just another way to see how your child is progressing through the material.



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