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Complete Education Australia was created to provide kids with a hands-on program designed to promote a love of learning.

Unlike a workbook based program, CEA provides opportunities for students to use their knowledge and see relevance in what they are learning. We encourage learning by doing, rather than taking in knowledge without any perceived purpose. This style of education allows students to create and thus link learning to a tangible object, whether it is a poster, artwork, model, report etc.

Embracing the fact that children blossom within a creative environment, CEA uses creative arts as a natural method of teaching across ALL subject areas including English, Math and Science.

We allow you as a parent to know, without a doubt, that you are giving your child the gift of an outstanding education and the foundation to succeed into their future.

Fully Equip Students

The Complete Educational program enables you as a parent to confidently educate your child from kindergarten to Year 10. We have purposefully chosen not to provide Grade 11 and 12, as we feel there are better options to provide the head start they require.

If your child is pursuing a university degree, we find that completing Grade 10 via home education and then moving into TAFE to complete a Cert 3 or 4 in a chosen field to be far more beneficial. This allows direct entry into University and in most cases credit for many first year subjects. The result is that your child is not only able to enter university earlier, but often has a lighter workload, and a better grounding of the subject matter than those coming from school. There are other options where universities run their own entry college programs. These accept home educated students.

Be assured, when it comes to higher learning and opportunities your children actually have an advantage being home educated. Being a self disciplined, and focussed learner is sought after at university level.

If your child is pursuing a trade or work in a particular field, then getting a traineeship, apprenticeship, or doing a course in that chosen field, gives them a far greater advantage as they will have 2 years related knowledge and skills above a Grade 12 school leaver.

Covers the Australian Curriculum

The Complete Education program covers the full Australian Curriculum. We provide work samples, and Scope and Sequence documentation that fully satisfy all the requirements for homeschool registration. These Scope and Sequence documents show how we will cover all aspects of the curriculum throughout the year. We also provide an individualisation template to show you how to make any adjustments for your individual child.

Immediate Start

Complete Education is easy to follow. It includes clear explanations of every activity, in every subject, every week. It includes every activity sheet and activity description.

Parental Support

Teacher support is available as you want it. No one is an expert on everything. If you ever get stuck and need a hand, we offer email and phone support to answer any questions you may have.

Value for money

The Complete Education Program is extremely affordable. Our carefully designed education program is complimented by specific online learning. These online lessons serve as great visualisation tools for understanding new concepts. The purchase of a complete education program includes full subscription access to “Literacy Planet”, “Mathletics”, and “Skwirk”.

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