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Learning should be relevant, fun, and engaging, rather than simply an accumulation of knowledge. As a result, CEA not only covers the Full Curriculum (every subject Kindy to Grade 11) but we ensure our lessons provide current, relevant, and fun, educational lessons.

The CEA teachers develop up to date lessons with all instructional material provided to ensure students can take ownership over their learning.

Lets’ face it, us parents often let go of things we learnt at school. Using CEA parents can relax into the role of learning support, knowing that they do not have to know it all themselves. We believe every child is different and providing a tailored education is essential when developing each child’s gifts and talents, while supporting any areas that require it. It is not unusual for a CEA student who has a passion for Science to be working a year or two ahead in Science, while another may need revision and support added for a subject in their program. Best of all students become independent learners and can move through their lessons with minimal input needed. 

CEA offers an educational program that fully equips parents to provide their child with an exceptional homeschool education. Our curriculum fosters, builds and enhances creativity, and imagination. These are highly valued skills needed for the Future. The program can be individualised to suit your child and our students have seen a 100% success rate in registrations.

Allow us to provide you with the confidence, that as parents, you’re giving your child the gift of an outstanding education and the foundation to succeed in their future.

Fully Equip Students

The Complete Educational program educates students from kindergarten to Year 12. After much collaboration with various Universities, the course has been developed to provide the necessary prerequisites for students to enter University Pathway programs, alternative entry options or undergraduate degrees.  Be assured, when it comes to higher learning and opportunities your children actually have an advantage being home educated. Being a self-disciplined, and focussed learner is sought after at university level.

If your child is pursuing a trade or work in a particular field, the over 140 electives in Grade 9 and 10 will be an excellent opportunity to try a huge variety of options. Gaining clarity on the reality of different areas of work or study provides real insight when making decisions about the next steps.

Covers the Australian Curriculum

The Complete Education program covers the full Australian Curriculum and is also aligned to each State curriculum. We provide work samples, and Scope and Sequence documentation that fully satisfy all the requirements for homeschool registration. These Scope and Sequence documents show how we will cover all aspects of the curriculum throughout the year. We also provide an individualisation template to show you how to make any adjustments for your individual child or the CEA teachers can do this for you. All enrolments of 3 or more terms include the full Registration and Reporting Service.

Immediate Start

Needing to start mid-Term? No problem at all.

The CEA curriculum is easy to follow and can be started at any time. It includes clear explanations of every activity, in every subject, every week. 

Parental Support

You don’t need to know everything. Teacher support is available as needed. Support with registration, tailoring the program to your own child’s needs or assessment, is available via email or feel free to book a call.

Value for money

The Complete Education Program is affordable. Our carefully designed education program is complimented by specific online learning. These online lessons serve as great visualisation tools for understanding new concepts. The purchase of a complete education program includes full subscription access to “Literacy Planet”, “Mathletics”, and “Skwirk”.

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